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My Global Studies Capstone Portfolio Project
Title Page | Table of Contents | Research Essay | Integrative Paper | Essay: A Brief Look at the History of Women's Rights | Essay: Effects of the Culture of Capitalism | Essay: The Music Industry - What They Don't Want You To Know | Essay: Big Media.....Just How Big and Influential is HBO? | Essay: Industrial Development Programs and their Impact Upon Women | Essay: Mechanical Time, Modernity, and the Division of Labor

Global Studies Capstone Portfolio Project
Presented by Jeanice Banttari
This portfolio project is dedicated to my children - Kayla, Tyler, Matthew, and P.J., with the hope that they will strive in the future to learn about our global environment and how fragile it really is.

This website has been created as a permanent "footprint" of only a miniscule portion of work that I have completed while striving to complete by Bachelor's of Arts degree in Global Studies at National University.
This program has allowed me to experience many different subjects such as history, literature, art, technology, social movements, humanities, and more. Through this experience, I have gained an increased thirst for more education and a bigger understanding of the world that we live in as well as the knowledge of how fragile our world really is. It is truly amazing to learn how connected we all are on a global scale.
Global issues are indeed issues that we all need to learn about in order to become effective citizens of our world. Simply because an event is transpiring in another country, does not mean that we are immune to any of the effects that will occur as a result. Since we are all only here for a relatively short period of time, we should slow down in life a bit and learn about the world around us in order to make it a better place for our children and the generations yet to come.

One person can make an impact upon the whole world.

Jeanice Banttari, Global Studies Program, National University, La Jolla, Ca.